Three Ways You Can Connect with Your Child Today

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1. Learn more about your child’s community at

Visit to read current about your child’s community. Your experience on “myworldvision” will include updates from the field, photos of the community, and details on work and projects. To sign up for an account, please visit or click here.

2. Send them a card, letter, or email.

Exchanging letters with your sponsored child is a great way to get to know each other. They will be delighted-and waiting- to learn more about you and your world. Simple one-page letters are perfect.

One important tip to remember while writing your letter is to consider the child’s environment and culture when choosing letter topics. Since he or she has very few possessions, it’s best not to write about things you own. Sharing details about your family members, friends, things that are important to you, and activities you enjoy doing (sports, crafts) are perfect choices. Try asking about their favorite foods, activities, school subjects, friends, and family.

How to send letters:

  • Write World Vision’s Democratic Republic of the Congo national country office address on the front of the envelope, like this:

World Vision DR Congo

314, Boulevard Lumumba

Limete/Quartier Industrielle

Kinshasa Gombe, D.R. Congo

  • Write your name and return address on the back flap of the envelope, then write your sponsored child’s name and ID number at the bottom on the back. 
  • Finally, write your child’s name and ID number at the top of your letter. To avoid confusion, please do not write your address on your letter. 

To send an email message, simply have your World Vision account number, child ID number, and the child’s full name handy, and go to

The local World Vision office will deliver a printed copy of your email to your child. Your child will be thrilled to receive correspondence from you – and will send you a response via regular mail.

3. Bless your child with prayers for his or her well being.

Your prayers for your sponsored child, their family, and the community are crucial. You can pray that they will experience God’s love, be healthy, and do well in school. Please pray that God will meet the special needs of all the community’s families.

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2 comments “Three Ways You Can Connect with Your Child Today”

I forgot to write my name and ID # at the top of my letter. Will it still be delivered? Thank you.

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World Vision should be able to look up the name and ID #. It should still be delivered.

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