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Welcoming party for the World Vision staff.

Written by Christine Buettgen, short-term missionary in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This morning, eight visitors from World Vision US and World Vision International hopped on a MAF (Missionary Aviation Fellowship) plane and said goodbye to Gemena after a packed three day visit. Among these visitors were the vice-president and senior vice-president of World Vision US as well as the directors of DR Congo and Southern Africa, and the director of Operations for International Programs to name a few. The buck stops with these folks at World Vision. They wanted to come to Gemena to see what everyone has been talking about.

The Evangelical Covenant Church and World Vision are breaking all previous molds by entering into this unprecedented partnership. All chips are in on this one.

Many of the visitors spent a night with registered families in mud homes, with no electricity, running water, beds, or even doors. They wanted to be able to report back to donors the reality on the ground, but we are well aware that we are not experiencing these families reality. We can go have a nice hot shower the next day, and fly home to our refrigerators and microwave ovens.

World Vision staffers meet with local leaders.

Before their send-off supper last night, the leadership shared these reflections from their visit:

“We are happy to see unity among the three church partners. What God has brought together no person can divide.”

“We are amazed by the number of Christians here! There are communities where World Vision works where there is not a single church in existence. It is clear that God is already at work here in Gemena.”

“God has called us to do something different here.”

“We must learn to listen to each other well. And we must think how we can make best use of this partnership.”

“We are well aware that partnership is not always the easiest way. May God help us all to be faithful stewards of this process.”

“Instead of praying ‘God bless our work’, we should pray ‘God, show us your work so we can meet you there.”

The local staff was encouraged and strengthened by the visit, and reminded of the great responsibility that rests on their shoulders. The evening ended with a prayer that reminded us all that this is about making a future of hope for God’s precious children, whom He will not abandon to hunger, disease, and illiteracy.

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