5 Event Tips for a Hope Sunday Event

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Below are five event tips as your church either begins to prepare or consider hosting a Hope Sunday event. We hope your church will find them useful.

  1. Context is Critical. Therefore, a curriculum or sermon series leading up to the event helps the congregation understand how this fits into the church’s broader mission and pastor’s vision, than simply an emotional plea during that specific weekend. Suggestion: Utilizing The Hole In Our Gospel study series Gospel Quest has been proven to prepare the hearts of those in the congregation prior to the event.
  2. Senior Pastor Support. You will want the pastor to be “on board” with the Hope Sunday event, including a tailored message (not just a great 10 minute segment of the service). Suggestion: Speaking points¬†will be included in the Hope Sunday Church Event kit. This kit will be sent to your church as soon as you sign up for a Hope Sunday date.
  3. Ownership within the Church. Provide a champion within the church, who is often not the pastor or on staff, usually a high capacity volunteer (e.g. someone who can work through the many details of making this successful, but has more time than the pastor normally has to do this effectively). Suggestion: Put a request for this position in your church bulletin or on the website. Also, make sure they receive the Hope Sunday Church Event kit.
  4. Keep it Simple. Simple set up and clear steps for the congregation to take action. Having a clear and concise response method along with a simple set-up creates a smooth traffic flow and better understanding of what each individual is being asked to do. Suggestion: A clear, readable signage/banner directing people to the sponsorship area and a table with colorful cloth or fabric draped. Using any type of cultural props such as drums or baskets is a nice touch. We would be happy to give any tips or advice in this area.
  5. Beyond this Event. The realization that this is not a one-time event, but an investment in the church and an ongoing relationship (e.g. what happens after the Hope Sunday event within the church is just as important as what happens on that day). Suggestion: This is an investment in the church and ECC’s particular focus and passion for the DR Congo. Look for ways to engage with the sponsors after the event. Set up a committee that can generate ideas such as letter-writing weekends or videos and resources that can be given to the congregation throughout the year.
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