Erika’s parents and brother visit…

For a little more than a week at the end of January, we had Erika’s brother, Chris, and parents, Dan & Petra. It was a blessing to have time with them plus it gave us the excuse to do some of the uniquely Oaxacan things like visit the world’s largest tree in El Tule, hike around the Monte Alban ruins, walk around Oaxaca’s beautiful, centuries old downtown visiting churches and trying out Oaxacan foods like mole, chilaquiles, tacos, tortas, hot chocolate and coffee. We took them to church on Sunday and as I mentioned they joined us for the closing ceremony of the conflict resolution course. Then, we spent the last 4 days together at the beach near Huatulco. After a nine hour drive over very windy roads, we finally made it and enjoyed our stay at a beautiful condo near the beach. We had a relaxing time there together spending most of our time playing in the waves and swimming in the ocean and the pool and just hanging out at the condo. The biggest blessing of all was just being together, sharing stories, laughing and playing.



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