9.5 Theses on Worship

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No doubt, some of you have already seen this article by Gary Parrett; since it was posted at Christianity Today in 2005. I guess I’m behind in my reading. 9.5 Theses on Worship: A disputation on the role of music.

Some of you who are pastor or colleague to a younger worship leader/artists or those without formal theological training, might recommend the professor’s audio lectures on the same topic. They are very easy to access, the audio is great quality, and Parrett provides outline and notes to follow along.

You may not agree with every point of the theology, but his is an orthodox and biblical point of view, and I suspect you will say, “Amen” to most of what you hear/read.

I’m interested in hearing your response to his 9.5 Theses. How do they map with your understanding of worship? What about your ministry volunteers? If you or the volunteers are on a different page, what are the differences?

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