Videos while traveling the Nile

Going up the White Nile from Malakal means navigating around large floating islands of reeds and hyacinth.

Navigating the river

We also saw people floating downriver on rafts.  In the following video the raft is made of logs and sticks that they will sell as firewood, probably in Malakal.  So who wants to take your stuff to market this way/

raft of logs floating downriver

This picture is of a huge raft of some kind of cane.  This appears to be similar to the faux cane or false cane, elephant grass cane, that we see in Congo.  Again, they are surely taking it to market.  We saw people building a small fire to prepare food on the top of their raft of cane.  I wonder how far they are traveling and how long it takes?

floating cane downriver to market crop

raft made of cane

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