Congo team back together

Congo resident missionary team

Our entire resident Congo missionary team was together again last weekend for the first time in about 20 months.  Yes, the last time this group was together was in Chicago in late February 2010.  The one member not present was Keith Gustafson.  Keith lives in the US and comes to visit us 4 times a year.

Sitting in the picture are Cindy Ekstrand, Helen Smith, Marta Klein, and Sheryl Noren.  Standing are Pete Ekstrand, Tim Smith and Paul Noren.

The Smiths and Pete had just arrived back in Congo earlier in the week; the Smiths after being gone for 10 months for medical leave and Pete after a trip to the US.

Our time together was spent with a lot of catching up on our lives and ministry, praying and worshiping, some needed mission business, eating and games.  We played Chicken Foot dominoes, Ticket to Ride and Phase 10.

Unfortunately this group won’t be together again for another 6 months.  The Norens leave next week for 6 months of ministry with the Fulani in CAR and Cameroon.  They don’t return until the end of April 2012.  Marta is going with them for 2 months to see the Fulani ministry, spend some time with Dr. Tim Wester at the Gamboula, CAR hospital and then take vacation with missionary friends in Cameroon.

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