Sudan Arrival

We arrived safely in Malakal via Juba on Friday at 15h10. After collecting our luggage, there was a welcome service where we had our feet and arms washed. It was a LOONG day as we left Nairobi 3h30 AM Friday which meant leaving for the airport at 1h30 AM. Hard to get much sleep before that.

Map of South Sudan

Yesterday (Saturday) we visited the 10 acres corn plot. We were grateful for an afternoon off. We are also grateful for the use of President Abraham’s modem for an internet connection today. We will try to connect every day, but aren’t sure how it will go.

Unfortunately there was nothing special for Cindy’s birthday yesterday (Oct 1) and I even forgot the card I brought from the US. Bummer. We did bring some M&Ms to enjoy. 🙂

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