1 + 1 + 1 = 1

Really?  That doesn’t make sense.  Maybe not normally, but in Congo this month it does.  To return after our US vacation we fly commercial from Kinshasa to Gemena.  So we bought a ticket on Hewa Bora airlines only to have them be shut down by the government following the July 8 crash in Kisangani.  Then we bought a CAA ticket, but there was no space on that flight for the first week we were here.  So we also bought a ticket on Gomair, an airline that just startyed flying up to Gemena.  They have serviced eastern Congo for some time.  We were scheduled to go today, July 27.  But last night we learned that today’s flight was cancelled for a small problem with the plane.  The word today is that maybe this will be solved so the flight can go Saturday.  If not we are confirmed on the CAA flight on Sunday.  So indeed 1 Hewa Bora ticket plus 1 CAA ticket plus 1 Gomair ticket will equal, eventually, one flight back to Gemena.

To the question whether we can get any refunds on the unused tickets?  I kind of doubt it on Hewa Bora.  We’ll see what happens with them.  On the others we can change the date of the ticket and still use it so thankfully we aren’t out that money too.  Life in Africa at times.

We are thankful that the MPH (Methodist-Presbyterian Hostel) where we are staying has place for us through when we project to leave.  Having to switch locations would be a pain.  This is a good environment with different guests through here, good food and good internet.  Thanks Lord for this provision.

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