Reflections of Women’s Big Sunday

Women's Big Sunday Congregation

There was much joy and celebration in the village of Boyademele as women of the Bokonzo region gathered for the women’s Big Sunday celebration on April 11.  Boyademele is 12 KMs from Gemena.  There are 18 churches in the region. They were all represented.  Including some men and children, there were 877 people worshiping together Sunday morning.

Bombawili church & little drummer

Each church’s women’s group danced to the front to sing a song.  We all joined in worship together with much dancing.

Woman praying for God's strength

The theme for the 3 days of worship and teaching was Stand Up Women and Be Courageous from Joshua 1:1-9. Sabuli Sanguma spoke on Sunday morning.  She challenged the women to not be afraid, stand strong as women and encouraged them that God is always with them.

The offering was given as a challenge to see which church would give the most.  There was lots of dancing and singing as each women’s group brought their offering to the front.

They served a delicious meal of fuku, mpondu, rice, chicken and plantains before everyone headed home.

Cindy was introduced and a delicious dinner served

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