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So what do we do as regional coordinators some times?  One of our responsibilities is building relationships with other mission partners.  These can be both other missions and national churches.  As we get to know our partners in ministry we commonly come to a time when we want to write out the relationship that we have.  We do this through a Memorandum Of Understanding or MOU.  The first week of March I spent a considerable amount of time working on two different MOUs with ReachGlobal/the Evangelical Free Church of America (RG/EFCA).  One concerned the relationship between the RG/EFCA and the local organization we formed in Cameroon, ECIP (Evangelical Covenant International Partners).  RG/EFCA missionaries working in Cameroon will be under the umbrella of ECIP.  The MOU spells out some financial responsibilities and what happens in times of crisis.

The second MOU we worked on concerned the partnership between Covenant World Mission (CWM) and RG/EFCA for the operation of the boarding hostel for missionary kids attending RFIS (Rain Forest International School) and our partnership with other missions in the operation of RFIS.  There are lots of details in these documents as we pay close attention to words.  We’re grateful that they are done.

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