Cameroon Chickens and Goats Enters Next Phase

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe second phase of the “Passing on the Gift” project has officially begun in Belo, Cameroon! The first phase consisted of launching four sustainable chicken brooding farms, in which over 2500 chickens were brooded and then passed on to others in the community.  Though this was a successful part of the project, the women of Belo felt a need to also raise sheep and goats outside of their chicken brooding. Because raising sheep and goats in Belo is a cultural taboo for women due to customs, they did not know how to address this need they were feeling.  They began by attending a training session conducted by a women’s group in Ndop, Cameroon.  These twenty women from Ndop had been running their own CIG for three years with the help of a male advisor. Seeing this, the women of Belo realized their dreams of raising sheep and goats could become a reality after all with the help of Pastor Daniel, a Cameroonian leader in the community.  In this next phase, the project management carefully selected members of the community and created a cluster for the goats to be raised in.  In order for the women to participate in the cluster, Pastor Daniel conducted a meeting with the husbands to receive their consent, allowing the women to raise the animals.  After receiving approval, the tenth cluster of the POG project was formed, and now is raising sheep and goats within the Belo community.  Through this cluster and these women who are raising money to help their families out of poverty, history is being made. Give the gift of a chicken here.

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