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Seminars: We’re Here to Serve
Currently serving as:  Interim Pastor for Emmanuel Covenant Congregational Church, Nashua, NH
Credentials: Ordained in the ECC
URL: visit here


Spiritual journey: I grew up in a pastor’s family and have loved God and know his story from the time I was a little girl. But it was in the midst of a difficult time in High School that God spoke into my life and I chose to follow him no matter what.

Call to ministry: I became a youth pastor because I really needed a job! Then God worked in me and through my life to show me that he had gifted me a for a life in ministry – sharing God’s love with people has been the main thing in my life since I was 20 years old!

I am passionate about: Many things: LOST, Tom Clancy novels, the Princess Bride, DDR. But mostly about helping people understand God’s story and love for us. I have also had the privilege of traveling around the world and meeting Christians in many places – I am particularly interested in the resourcing Christian leadership in Uganda!

How long have you been involved in ministry? Well, Since my Dad was a pastor I started in ministry at age 5… then I volunteered all through high school and most of college – then I started getting paid. I’ve been in official ministry for 14 years now.

What do you think is important that we know about you, as a member of the Speaker Team? Umm.. most importantly that I recognize that my role as speaker is to enhance the relationship you have with your students. I try really hard to build connection with students at any event I’m a part of and at the same time to encourage and support those doing long-term ministry with those same students.

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