Reid Olson

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Seminars: All 9 Enneagram Seminar and We’re Here to Serve
Credentials: Ordained to Word & Sacrament, MDiv. MA.CE


I grew up a missionary kid while living in Ecuador, Guadalajara, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Alaska, B.C. Canada & Southern CA. As a third-culture kid, my parents taught us to be mobile as we moved many times in my childhood. I received Jesus into my life, or was received into the Jesus-way when I was about 5 years old, and watched my parents live missionally during my entire early development. I began to trust God’s sovereign directing of my life and have learned that, for some reason, God’s got this “entire thing” figured out. Go figure!!!

I was a senior in high school when my youth pastor pulled me aside and said, “So Reid, when are you going to quit being so selfish, and serve God with your life already, slacker!? God does something profound through you when you speak in public, dude. Wake up and get on board with what God is up to.” So, with that, I went to college for youth ministry and began to give my life’s passion to serving God in the local church community. God is up to something in this world, I’m learning to pay attention to it, and bring others along for the ride.

I love speaking to youth and young adults. I sense a real connection with the Spirit of God in speaking the truth of the gospel. My greatest sense of passion is in serving and equipping the local church to find their identity in Christ, discover their spiritual gifts for ministry and become the expression of Christ on earth (Eph.4:11-13) in God’s present Kingdom, locally and abroad. It’s quite miraculous to see people discover the matching of their identity, God’s purposes through them and living out their expression of faith.

I’ve been in youth ministry since 1990. After graduation from Biola University I served as youth intern in CA, then as full time youth ministry lead until 1995 near Danville, CA. I jumped into the Evangelical Covenant Church in 1995 as a youth pastor in Orange, CA until 2001. I attended North Park Theological Seminary for 3 years to complete an MDiv. I have served as Pastor of Student Ministries at Pine Lake Covenant Church near Seattle, since 2004. I continue being shaped for ministry where God calls me.

I’m just a normal guy, married with 2 kids in middle school, embracing my 40’s, who thinks he hasn’t done much for transforming this world into anything monumental, but when God speaks through me, it’s fun to watch Him use me like a tool to do His “thing”. That’s all.

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