Melissa Wall

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Seminars: A Time to Breathe and We’re Here to Serve
Currently serving as: Lead Pastor of DeerGrove Covenant Church
Credentials: MDiv, Ordained to Word and Sacrament
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Spiritual journey: Blessed to grow up in a strong, supportive, encouraging Christ loving home, and so I always have had a sense of who God is in my life even at a very early age, even before I asked Jesus into my heart. So at the age of five when I prayed with my parents to ask Jesus to be my Savior, it was a familiar and safe grace and love that I already held dear. The journey has been blessed and full of learning, and at times I wish through my studying and learning complex theology that I had the faith of my childhood and so many times try to focus on the passion and immense love of Jesus for others and myself.

Call to ministry: Felt called to vocational Ministry at CHIC ’94. Ken Davis was speaking and at that time in my life I was at the ripe old age of sixteen. It was a season of my life actually that i really wanted nothing to do with being a pastor, yet God had different plans. Miraculously, quite literally, I found myself pushed to my feet as Ken gave the invitation to come forward if you felt called to ministry. Since then I again had a remarkable call to seminary and to prepare myself for ministry.

I am passionate about: Students, children, adults coming to fall in love with Jesus for the first time, and fall deeper in love with Him every day. I really love Spiritual practices and use them in my daily life as well as in my teaching, preaching, and experimental worship. Art, music, and enjoying relationships. I love to have coffee with people and hear their story.

How long have you been involved in ministry? DeerGrove since 2004. It was my first full time call. Before that several internships and part time ministry.

What do you think is important that we know about you, as a member of the Speaker Team? I always write new talks for each retreat that I speak at so that I am relevant to the students or group I am coming to minister with. I also really enjoy having the experience of retreat fully lived out, and many times will give other experiences to live out faith and grow in deeper relationship with Jesus through experiential acts of worship: ex. Sunrise hike, Lectio Divina, all night fire watch, stations during worship. I also really enjoy being a part of the larger mission and vision of the retreat, I love to be involved: play the games, eat with the students, and be available.

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