Jeff Palmberg

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Seminars: We’re Here to Serve
Currently serving as: Pastor of Community Covenant Church in Twisp, WA
Credentials: Commissioned Staff Minister in ECC. Frontline Coach, NPC Youth Commission. BA in Art Education. I’ve served Covenant churches in CT, MI, and WA since 1987.
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Spiritual journey: I was raised in a Covenant pastor’s home and always knew of God’s love for me. I asked Jesus into my heart as a 5-year-old and have continued to make re-commitments throughout my life… it’s truly a journey of steps. God keeps stretching me and putting me in places where I have to learn to rely on him and deepen my faith in Him.

Call to ministry: After 25+ years of student ministry, I was surprised at God calling me into a lead pastor position (and I resisted it at first), but I’ve found that it has provided me with the perfect setting to bring the students and adults into stronger relationship with one another.  I still get to interact with the students and mentor our youth director in his ministry.  Plus, the opportunity to preach each week has further strengthened and stretched me in growing my communication and teaching skills.

I am passionate about: Laughter, my family, NFL (Seahawks!), hanging out with teenagers, and drawing funny pictures of my friends.

I long for students to experience true freedom in Christ and the joy of discovering how God has shaped them to serve him in their own unique way and place.

How long have you been involved in ministry? I volunteered during the summers while in college and in College Life while at North Park. I’ve been in full-time ministry since 1987.

What do you think is important that we know about you, as a member of the Speaker Team? I want to serve the goals of the retreat, not force-fit a canned talk. I value interactive communication and small group discussions. God’s Word is the foundation and whenever possible I try to use stories, film clips, or my own drawings to support the message.

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