Serve Globally to change name

Al Tizon, Executive Minister of Serve Globally, has been busy planning how to move forward this important priority of the church. When news came about this winter about the possible discovery of a 9th planet in our solar system, Al’s vision began to solidify. Many may not know that Al’s favorite show growing up was Star Trek. He believes this is our opportunity to make a difference now. Al says, “I am expanding my 4 year term to not just Serve Globally, but to Serve Universally. These will be the voyages of the ECC with a four-year mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldy go proclaiming the gospel where no man has gone before.”

universal Al 2Tizon has already been fitted for his suit and has been busy traveling the globe, exposing himself to new cultures in preparation for what lies within and beyond our solar system. The ECC is currently debating if the Serve Globally priority should be officially renamed Serve Universally. Tizon is also searching for the next Regional Coordinator of the universe. Interested applicants should direct their letters to


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  1. I’m concerned that “universally” might have unwanted theological overtones for some. Please consider “Serve Galactically,” or perhaps in light of recent theories in physics, “Serve Multiversally.” The latter might also capture a desired multi-species direction for the proposed extension of the mission.

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  2. It took a second and then I remembered what day it is.

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