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SEC Leadership Gathering in NC

For two days (Sept. 30th – Oct 1st) a group of about 80 pastors, staff, and lay leaders from six churches from North and South Carolina gathered under the leadership of Southeast Conference Superintendent Dr. Robert Owens, and special guest presenter Gary Walter, President of the ECC.  The purpose of this time was to help our church leaders (staff and laity) come to experience the connection and community that has come to define what it means to be a “Covenanter.”

Dr. Owens has said many times that the ethos of the Covenant “is more caught than taught.”  Words are not adequate to describe the sense of love, support, and encouragement that arise from our gatherings together.  However, as soon as one experiences this fellowship, the lights go on and there is a new sense of being part of a larger community of faith that brings our SEC motto, “It’s Better Together” to life.
At this particular gathering, many “Greats” were experienced by those in attendance.  These include:
-Great Preaching – Two powerful messages were shared on the biblical call, and resultant blessings, that
arise when Christ’s Church lives in vital community/partnership with each other.
-Great Food – The host church (C4, with Pastor Ed Arroyo) provided an amazing dinner on Friday
evening, and breakfast on Saturday morning.
-Great Fellowship – Pastors, staff, and lay leaders were encouraged to sit at different tables, mixing and
mingling with those from the other NC and SC churches.  We learned much
about each other as we shared about our personal backgrounds, families, and how
we became connected to our various churches.
-Greater Understanding of Who We Are Together as a Covenant People –
Gary Walter, shared a presentation on the history and ethos of the ECC, as well as
our commitment to being on mission with God.  This helped many who were there
understand more clearly the wonderful community of faith of which we are a part.
-Great Insight into Ministry – There was a time of sharing at tables where ministry successes and
challenges were shared, and ways of partnering with each other across churches
were discussed.
At the conclusion of the gathering, comments were made that there was now a greater understanding of the Covenant, and a great hunger to continue to meet and strengthen the connections that were fostered in this time.  Some spoke of even having pulpit exchanges, and choir or praise team exchanges, and similar ideas as ways of furthering our support and shared ministry together!
Overall this was a powerful time, and God clearly made our slogan come alive right before our eyes…truly we are “Better Together!”  We look forward to being together again real soon!

David Bowden
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church, Greensboro, NC


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