Bla-ump Went The Little Green Frog

Hello friends!

This weekend was a pretty crazy one! My friends Margie and Baxter were visiting Oaxaca and sang me the Little Green Frog song. Baxter also taught me a new song that I like a lot and Mommy just doesn’t do it the same. Daddy does a better job, but not as good as Baxter and Margie.

I got to swim in a pool that was the perfect size for me! On Saturday night there were two other kids in the pool from another group and they played with me for several hours and spoke Spanish to me, which Mama says is good for my learning.

Daddy started private lessons yesterday, which he likes a lot better than class, but he still wants to be challenged further to improve his Spanish. Mama is loving her language school experience, but it is difficult. She in onto her third tense in less than a week. I am already beginning to speak in Spanish to people on the street and our very generous and kind land lady.

I also wanted to share our Amazon Wish List with you all! It’s just Amazon Kindle books right now for Mama and Daddy, but we will be adding more and more to it over time. We also appreciate electronic Amazon Gift Cards – please send them to – Mama uses those monies to purchase things for me like Wild Kratts, Finding Nemo, etc. so I can have new movies without having to purchase DVD’s. I like when I have new movies!

Love you all,


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