3 Weeks to Oaxaca

Wednesday, April 22nd we will finally be headed to Oaxaca, Oaxaca Mexico! This is such an exciting/difficult time for us. We are so excited to spend time with our mentors before they return to the states for their year of Home Assignment. But it is also difficult as we begin to say goodbye to friends and family as we prepare to transition.

Last week we were able to obtain exchangeable visas from the Mexican Consulate that we will turn into permanent visas once we arrive in Oaxaca. We spent 6 hours in downtown Seattle, but did not have any hold ups! I started potty-training the week before and had no accidents even though we were out all day long and I even napped with my underwear on. We are thankful for all your prayers for the visa process.

Like I said, I am fully potty trained! Mommy was hoping I would wait until we were in Mexico so we wouldn’t have to do potty runs on the plane, but I am doing such a good job that it doesn’t look like it will even be an issue! Daddy is very excited (jealous) about all my super hero underwear. Jinora is not potty trained. Mama says that she has to wait until she’s older like me.

This Sunday we will be celebrating Easter with our home church of Cedarcreek Covenant Church. Mommy will be singing with the Worship Team. It is exciting to be celebrating this Holy Week with our families. We are planning to visit our old home and landlords for Easter. I miss them a lot and I am very excited to spend time with them this weekend!

Sunday, April 19th we will be prayed over and sent off at Cedarcreek Covenant. We invite you to join us!
As we are considered “Short Term” missionaries, our budget reflects our spending and is flexible. We are close to being fully fundraised for our initial 2 years, but as we look at extending, we also need continued support for those “extra” years. We are already looking into the process of transitioning to “Long Term” missionary status, so we will continue to be raising support throughout our time in language school and ministry in Oaxaca as we look at nearly doubling our budget in order to become Long Term. If you have questions about exactly how this process works – please ask! We are more than happy to share that with you.

Thank you all so much for your love and support! We are so excited to finally be moving to Oaxaca!




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