This is our year.

We are so excited to be at 76% pledged! We are waiting for confirmation from several churches and individuals about potential support and have still have high hopes to continue to 100% over our next several months in the states. We began 2014 with a handful of individuals and only one church supporting us at just under 20% pledged. We finished the year with 20 churches partnering with us through invitation, financially, or prayerfully in 2014 and about 55 individuals or families who have generously given support. With less than $31,500 to raise, we are so close to our goal!

And now, it is time for transitions.

Jinora and I have been spending lots of time together. She smiles for me when I play with her. Mommy and Daddy say that we are going to be trouble together. I have no idea what they’re talking about. Daddy is working hard on finishing the basement and support raising. I love working on the house with him. Mommy will begin training our friend, Stephanie, to take over her position with Cedarcreek next week and be a full-time support raiser too come March!

We have given notice to our wonderful landlords (who are basically just another Gradma & Grandpa) and will move into my Nana & Babo’s house at the end of the month. We are already starting to get rid of some of our things and pack away others. Mommy has had me pick which toys I want to take with us to Mexico. It is hard to make those kinds of decisions, but I am trying!

We have visited churches in Yakima, Sherwood, Lake Stevens, and Eugene since Christmas and will continue visiting churches through March 15th! We are busy busy missionaries. Daddy is preaching at Cedarcreek on the 22nd of March and Jinora is going to be dedicated! After that, we may schedule one or two more church visits, but will primarily be focused on moving down to Oaxaca.

That’s right! We are beginning to look at the Visa process and hope to fly out the first part of April. I don’t really understand what moving to Mexico means yet, but I am excited to meet our friends Erika & Nils in person and see all the pretty places Mommy and Daddy show me on the computer. Moving means I will get to make new friends too! I will be very sad to leave the friends I have now, but Mommy says we will Skype.

There is a lot happening in our lives right now and I will be writing more often. I am very excited to share this with all of you!




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