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Did you know that Oaxaca is the second poorest state in Mexico with roughly 75% of its occupants living in extreme poverty?

That means that even though Mexico is no longer considered “third world,” Oaxaca is.

There are nearly 100,000 Oaxacan people living outside their state within Mexico alone in order to make a living and send money back home. Due to lack of education and indigenous backgrounds, the work available to Oaxacan migrants is minimal and often demeaning.

These statistics are just part of the reason we are going. The bigger reason is the call on our hearts and the individual lives these statistics affect every single day – the people.

Our plan is to build relationships and work with communities in and outside of the city in order to help get them what they need (supplies, physical or financial support, programming, etc.) in the hope that we are able to connect with some of the disenfranchised. Our goal is to find out how best to come alongside these people in order to help them receive the education they need and pursue a more sustainable living.

In order to do any of this, we need partners.

Partners who will give their time; affirming, encouraging, and praying for us.

Partners who will give their finances; sending in a pledge card or visiting our giving page.

Partners who will give their talents; helping us throw events, sharing our information on social media, etc.

And when we say we are looking for partners – we mean it. We are not only interested in receiving support, but in supporting you as you pursue you the call on your own life! We want to hear about what you’re doing and how we can be a part of that as we hope you will participate in what we will be doing in Oaxaca.


There is a need and you can help fill it by partnering with us!




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