Mommy likes to read the book of Exodus. It’s probably her second most favorite book in the whole Bible. Sometimes she reads it to me during her Bible time – sometimes I think it is a fun story and other times I shut her Bible for her so she can play cars with me instead. Mommy says it’s an important story because follows ours. And not just ours, but everyone’s!

There are so many characters and situations to identify with and a cyclical narrative – much like ours. Right now, we are Moses. Back at the burning bush (again) listening to God remind us who He is and what He has called us to as we whine and list the many reasons we are unqualified and the scary things we don’t want to face.

Raising support is so hard. And no matter how hard we try – we have to trust that God will do it for us. We have to trust that God will provide opportunities, open hearts, and move people to action. Because we can only do so much sharing on social media, contacting churches, recontacting churches, re-working our words in order to reach more people, etc. We are limited. Luckily, God isn’t!


We have a new goal – to be at least 80% pledge/fundraised by the time my little sister is born. That way we can focus more energy on preparing to leave and less on making contacts. Please remember that if you can’t give now, but are hoping to give later – you can still send in a pledge card! The total amount pledged counts toward our percentage – not just the amount given.

Thank you all so much for your love and support! We are so blessed by each of you.




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