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I am so sorry for the delay getting a newsletter to you. But now that I have – I am very glad to share with you that I am going to be a BIG BROTHER! Coming December 2014 – Baby Dullanty! I am very excited.

As to why the delay in newsletters: Mommy has been very busy with Easter, Daddy has started working full-time, and I am a fully functioning (running) toddler these days. But also, we have not had much news to share until now! As we have been pursuing support, we have run into a few snags…

While missionaries do still rely on the support of churches, most of our funds come from individual donors, but it is difficult to reach individuals without a platform, such as a congregation on a Sunday morning or small group meeting to share with. We have had several churches turn us away in the past several months and most churches do not allow missionaries they do not support as a church to visit their congregation. It has also been very difficult to even get in contact with churches about the possibility of visiting. This has been very disheartening for all of us. Please be in prayer that we would make good connections with churches in order to create lasting partnerships. Also, if you know of a church or group that might be interested in hearing from us, please let us know!

We did visit Covenant Shores, a retirement home for pastors, missionaries, and other Covenant employees, in March and the residents were very generous with us. One resident, who has become a fierce warrior for our mission, suggested that we contact her church as it is in transition and they have an available spot for a new missionary family within their church funds. We contacted the church and found out that this woman had already been strongly advocating for us. The missions pastor met with us in the first week of April and was very excited for their church to partner with us. He and his mission team meet early this month to discuss supporting us, please pray for them during this process.

This weekend we have the opportunity to be delegates to the North Pacific Conference’s Annual Meeting and will have a display, pledge cards, and even our brand-new business cards available. One of the NPC employees will be stressing the importance of supporting missionaries and point to us specifically. Please pray that we would make some good connections this weekend.

You may have heard that we are selling soap to raise mission funds – this is true! The reason you haven’t heard more about it is because we were overwhelmed by your generosity from just one Facebook post and have gone soap-broke. We are in the process of making and curing more and will update you as soon as it is available!

Thank you all so much for your continued support during this process! We have been blessed immensely by individuals taking up our cause. We are so grateful for each of you and hope to have more updates for you soon. We will definitely get another newsletter out to you sooner rather than later.

Please pray for…

Good initial connections with churches in order to create lasting relationships.

The missions team to come to decision concerning our partnership that is best for their church and us within God’s will.

Financial Support – from individuals and churches.

A healthy pregnancy for Mommy!

Daddy’s transition to working full-time to be smooth.

My transition to being a BIG BROTHER to be smooth.

Provision and endurance as we deal with the difficulty of hearing “no” from churches.

Thanks so much, guys! I am so lucky to have you all! We love you lots!



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2 thoughts on “Long Awaited Newsletter

  1. Rory, first off I’d like to say what a cutie you are and it’s amazing to see how much you’ve grown! And secondly, I know you will be the bestest big bro ever!!! We are so excited that your family is growing 🙂
    Congrats to your Dad on his job and we will pray for your heavenly Dad’s provision regarding fundraising– big goofy slobbery smooches on you and some hugs to your Mommy & Daddy
    Xoxoxo Deanne

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