Fall With The Dullantys

Hi guys!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post! We have been busy and then there was some confusion as to how to access my blog – I’m only 1 year old, this internet stuff is tricky.

After our trip to Detroit to be commissioned, we hurried off to Kettle Falls so Mama could be the Matron of Honor in her best friend Kendall’s wedding. It was wonderful! There was no internet or phone service and Daddy and I got to play in a big beautiful claw-foot bathtub! Kendall looked so pretty and happy! The Flower Girl, Izzy, and her little sister were my favorite.

We then had the opportunity to visit Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast and spend some time with my Nana and Babo, Nana Sue, Great Aunt Kelly & Uncle Dan, Great Uncle Mike and Aunt Jenny, and all my cousins! I ate sand, played in the ocean, and smashed sand castles. Mama and Daddy took long walks on the beach with me in the backpack so I could nap. Best weekend adventure yet!

I turned 1 in August – a big birthday! Mommy and Daddy let me eat a gelato cone all to myself. It was chocolate and delicious!

Daddy has been working long hours at the sign shop as well as in our garden, wood working, and delving into new ventures – soap making and learning the banjo! Mama has been busy working at Cedarcreek with Fall kick-offs, leading a Small Group, and teaching a little yoga. They have volunteered to work with the 6-12th youth group and Daddy gets to chaperone a retreat this weekend!

Early in September we spoke to our sending church, Cedarcreek Covenant in Maple Valley and were so blessed by the support we received. Then in October we went to the North Pacific Conference’s Pastor, Staff, and Spouse Retreat. It was so fun to play outside in the dirt and leaves! Mommy and Daddy had a really wonderful time reading books and listening to the speaker. We made several friends and hope to visit them soon!

We are very excited to let you know that we are 12% fundraised!

A friend in our church did the math for us and if just 170 people give just $25 a month, we would be fully funded! I don’t think it will happen overnight, but I am just so excited to make 170 new friends!

Please be praying for me, I’ve been sick for several weeks now and am so tired of Mommy wiping my nose. And pray for new friends and good relationships, that God would be growing us in ways that prepare us for His work that we will be doing in Oaxaca.

Thank you all for your love and support. I will write again soon when Mommy and Daddy aren’t looking.

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