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The M!X

By Millie Lungren

I don’t know about you, but I’m often inspired to try new things when I hear what others are doing in ministry. Even if I don’t use an idea “as is,” it might prompt an adaptation or spark another idea that I’d never considered.

I want to hear what others are doing, because I learn from their creativity. I hear how one church is ministering to a special needs child and his/her family, and I wonder if there are similar needs in my church that have gone unnoticed. I see children in my church actively participating in a worship service, and I wonder how I can share those ideas with other churches. I discover a “Service Sunday,” provided by one church in their community, and I think “What a great idea! I wonder how we could adapt that idea for our area?”

The Ministry Idea Exchange (m!x) is a great place to share, as well as receive, resources and ideas for ministry. A new and growing section of the Covenant web site, the m!x provides an opportunity for individuals to share original material (e.g., music, prayers, litanies, small group sessions, seasonal resources, curriculum, brochure templates…), as well as ministry ideas with others. We also want to know how each idea/resource has made a difference. Continue Reading »

How Goes Your Walk With Christ?

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by Millie Lungren

I am one of several Stephen Ministers in my local church. We provide one-to-one Christian care to those in and around our congregation who are facing a crisis or life challenge.

Following our training, ongoing peer supervision among Stephen Ministers ensures that we are able to provide the best care possible for our care receivers. The first part of our supervision meeting is devoted to learning experiences that help us more effectively walk alongside our care receivers, as well as ways we can strengthen our personal relationship with God. As we care for ourselves and draw closer to God, we are better able to care for our care receivers.

Early Covenanters regularly asked the question of each other, “How goes your walk with Christ?”

This question is central to our faith and speaks of a continuing, growing, and deepening relationship with Christ. We are currently reading the book Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton. Through this study, we have an opportunity to explore the question above as we are introduced to several spiritual practices.

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