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Call-in Cafe: Recruiting

Tune in Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 3:00 pm (CST)

for the next Call-in Cafe


Do you have enough volunteers to effectively run your ministry?  At times it can seem impossible to make sure all the areas are “covered.”  Rest assured, GOD has it covered.  Join us on Tuesday, February 19 to hear about effective recruiting techniques, resources that have helped others, and the secret to having less recruiting to do.  Feeling tipsy?  Bring a tip to share with others about what has worked in your church to get others to see the blessing that is found when ministering to kids and students.

Register for the discussion here.*To connect to the audio portion with a landline or cell phone: (US/Canada): (650) 479-3208 (Call-in toll number (US/Canada)) Access code: 627 686 120 


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Triennial XIV Video is here!

We invite you to come enjoy the beautiful diversity of the women of the Covenant. We are multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-vocational, multi-expressional! Rooted in Jesus Christ!

You are invite you to join us August 15-18, 2013. Triennial can be a joyful getaway, a soothing break, and a life-changing encounter. Or maybe all. But I know you will meet God and be changed by him.

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Call-in Cafe – A Spiritual Journey into Christmas, December 11th

On Tuesday, December 11, 11:00 am CST, Steve Burger will host this month’s Call-In Cafe discussion.

Take a moment to catch your breath, to rest and dwell with God. A gently guided journey into God’s presence.

Advent is meant to be a time of reflection, and joyfully celebrating the incarnation of God. But for those of us in the church it also becomes a time of increased ministry responsibilities. It is a good thing to both contemplate and develop means to help others enter into the presence of God, and experience the joy of Christ coming. But often it comes at the expense of a reflection time of our own.

Jesus, too felt both the joy and exhaustion of long days of ministry. It was at these times that he went away to pray. To spend some focused time with God. That’s what ‘A Spiritual Journey into Christmas” is meant to be. An hour long gently guided journey into God’s presence.

During our time together we will briefly enter into the community of like-minded pastors and leaders, then spend some time releasing, remembering and reflecting.

It will be a time of centering, and in the end for those who wish, sharing and celebrating.

You may even find this a helpful resource to take and offer to the leaders in your church setting. But most of all we hope you will find in it the refreshment, assurance, love and grace of moments spent with God.


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*To connect to the audio portion with a landline or cell phone: (US/Canada): 

(650) 479-3208 (Call-in toll number (US/Canada)) Access code: 622 203 810 #


CHIC 2012

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CHIC – Covenant High In Christ – is kicking off in Knoxville today with over five thousand students, leaders, and staff. The purpose of CHIC is to be a catalyst that inspires Christ-like change; challenging students to see themselves as part of something bigger and inspiring students on the journey of following Christ.

Over this coming week, students and their leaders will engage in small group Bible study, large group gatherings with speakers and music, and outdoor recreation.

Please pray that our students would be physically safe, but would allow themselves to be spiritually and emotionally open and vulnerable, that they might be receptive to recognizing the ways that God is working in their time at CHIC and in their lives in general

Leading and Serving Together

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by Marti Burger

Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to make something extraordinary happen. Effective leadership is the ability to successfully integrate and maximize available resources within the internal and external environment for the attainment of organizational goals.

This is the world’s definition – only one thing missing; if God isn’t at the center then the ordinary happens instead of the extraordinary.

Leadership is a journey that we share with others. Leadership is about working with a team, noticing someone’s gifts and talents and partnering them with others who have a common goal – and then empowering the team to create, envision, dream, and implement. I can’t lead where I won’t go and I can’t teach what I don’t know. There is nothing like the process of taking time to listen to God’s voice, to discern and then setting out to create and implement what has been revealed. For the past twelve years that has been my role in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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Look Up at the Sky and Count the Stars

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From Doreen Olson

For many Covenant churches, fall signals the start of a renewed focus on discipleship among youth. In particular, I’m talking about those who are learning to let the Bible shape their lives through using the Covenant’s curriculum titled The Journey.

At Grace Church in Chicago, Keith McCready gives administrative support to this discipleship ministry by sending an email to students and parents each week. What a great use of his gift of encouragement and his great relational skill.

Here’s what he sent to the students this past week:

Last week we learned about God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah.

We read in Genesis 15:5 where God said, “Look up at the sky and count the stars — if indeed you can count them.’ Then He said to him, ‘So shall your offspring be.'”

When the class was asked, “How many stars are there in the sky?” the answer came, “Not that many in Chicago!” Continue Reading »

Free Youth Ministry Webinars

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North Park University has a series of free webinars for those engaged in youth ministry. You may find the following events useful and interesting:

Vetting Undocumented Volunteers: Tips for Policies and Procedures November 10, 12:00 to 1:00 pm (CST)

Featuring David Weinstein with The Law Project and members of CCDA in partnership with the Christian Community Development Association

Balancing policies for the safety of students with Kingdom mission can be tough when it comes to vetting undocumented volunteers who wish to be part of children and youth ministry programs. Background checks require a Social Security Number, and legal implications vary from state to state. This webinar will help you discern what questions to be asking, tips to vet undocumented volunteers without a SSN, how the government classifies church volunteers, and the legal implications involved.



Engaging Young Adults in the Church
December 1, 1:00 to 2:00 pm (CST)

featuring Judy Howard Peterson, Tony Zamble, Rich Kohng, and Stephen Kelly of University Ministries at North Park University in partnership with Evangelical Covenant Church Department of Christian Formation

Young adults, ages 18 to 28, are a valuable and gifted part of the Kingdom of God. Their uniqueness can be an enigma to churches who wish to engage them. These experienced speakers will help unpack the mysteries of this group, as well as share the philosophy behind their successful methods to engage young adults in community.


The M!X

By Millie Lungren

I don’t know about you, but I’m often inspired to try new things when I hear what others are doing in ministry. Even if I don’t use an idea “as is,” it might prompt an adaptation or spark another idea that I’d never considered.

I want to hear what others are doing, because I learn from their creativity. I hear how one church is ministering to a special needs child and his/her family, and I wonder if there are similar needs in my church that have gone unnoticed. I see children in my church actively participating in a worship service, and I wonder how I can share those ideas with other churches. I discover a “Service Sunday,” provided by one church in their community, and I think “What a great idea! I wonder how we could adapt that idea for our area?”

The Ministry Idea Exchange (m!x) is a great place to share, as well as receive, resources and ideas for ministry. A new and growing section of the Covenant web site, the m!x provides an opportunity for individuals to share original material (e.g., music, prayers, litanies, small group sessions, seasonal resources, curriculum, brochure templates…), as well as ministry ideas with others. We also want to know how each idea/resource has made a difference. Continue Reading »

Youth Ministy Network Facilitators

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We are excited to announce our brand new Youth Ministry Network Facilitators!

The purpose of the Youth Ministry Network is to promote healthy youth ministry in the Covenant and, to that end, we have selected a facilitator in each conference. Facilitators are chosen based on their availability and willingness to serve, as well as their current level of involvement in their conference.

To see the complete list of facilitators and connect with yours, check out the Youth Ministry Webpage.