Talmidim – by Ed René Kivitz

talmidimTalmidim – by Ed René Kivitz

In Galilee, in the time of Jesus, Jewish boys began their studies of the Torah when they were 6-years-old. At age 10 , when they completed the first stage of their education, Bei Sefer (primary school), they were already required to memorize the Torah. Only excellent students continued onto secondary school, Beit Talmud in Hebrew, where they plunged into the rest of the Scripture.  They studied oral tradition of the rabbis and its many interpretations and applications of the Torah. At ages 14 and 15, only the best of the best were studying, usually at the feet of a famous and respected rabbi. These boys – a very few of the intellectual elite of Israel  – were called talmidim (Hebrew: talmid, disciple; talmidim, disciples). Although considered a fringe rabbi, not formally recognized by the religious authorities of his time, Jesus of Nazareth also had his own disciples and followers, his talmidim. This book presents the essence of Jesus’ message to his talmidim of yesterday and today. (Paragraph taken from the back cover of the book, Talmidim.)

Talmidim is a type of book that we call “livro de cabeceira” (literally “end table book” meaning “devotional book”) in Portuguese. This type of book is usually inspirational, kept on the end table to be read at any moment throughout the day.

Talmidim is comprised of vast topics and rich material about Jesus, his teachings, principles and parables. It has been an amazing source for my meditation and an appetizer to make me hungry for the Gospel.

Walking with Jesus requires discipline and courage to follow His steps. May His light and Word be our guide as we walk on the terrain of life.


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