Masters of the future and guardians of the past (English language with Portuguese subtitles)

[youtube id=”wKWXcOGKqW0″ w=”350″ h=”215″]

Japan – a land that embraces the ancient and modern, makes bridges between traditional art and the fashion world, admires the discipline and culture of the geisha and participates in the fascinating world of technology and robotics.

In the land of the rising sun, every season carries with it a significant meaning.  Three thousand islands make up this land, the second largest economy in the world full of opportunities, where tradition ignites an encounter between the past, present and future .
The video below teaches us about Tokyo, the largest metropolis in the world, revealing the secrets behind the largest fish market as well as the most traveled air highway in the world – the flight between Sapporo and Tokyo.

A fascinating territory, a country full of festivals, a land of tectonic plates, a cradle of tsunamis and constant earthquakes.

Masters of the future and guardians of the past – this is how the documentary defines Japan.

Take a look!
Bon voyage! Fábio

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