The Ragamuffin Gospel / O Evangelho Maltrapilho (Portuguese version)

Rugmuffin GospelA few years ago when I was in Barcelona I heard about The O Evangelho MaltrapilhoRagamuffin Gospel for the first time.

In Miami last year a friend of mine told me about Richard Mullins and his band: The Ragamuffin Band. That same night, Johnna explained to me that Richard Mullins was influenced by Brennan Manning.

Interestedly, that same week a friend from Brazil mentioned Brennan Manning’s name on facebook and his book The Ragamuffin Gospel.

I believe it was the end of April this year when Johnna came back to me and said that our brother Brennan Manning had passed away on April 12th .

After that I decided to read a little about Brennan’s life. I researched a few things, biographies and comments and then I finally started reading his bestselling book, The Ragamuffin Gospel  / O Evangelho Maltrapilho (Portuguese version).

I highly recommend this book!

Our brother Brennan Manning shows how God’s grace is absolutely essential for our lives.Brennan

He challenges us to embrace God’s love and points out how we constantly are tempted and tend to lose God’s purpose due to our rules, institutional doctrines, laws and thirst for moralism.

With innumerous biblical references and quotes, The Ragamuffin Gospel is a rich source for insight into humanity.

It is a very simple book.

It is easy reading, but it brings a powerful message by making me aware that I am a ragamuffin.

Also, it shows me God’s good news as The Ragamuffin Gospel!

From a human point of view, I will never be what I should be. Therefore, the only invitation that remains is to throw myself into God’s arms, embracing and depending on His infinite grace.

My prayer is that you may find God’s grace, acceptance and love through reading Brennan’s bestselling book.

Have a good reading!


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