God’s fingerprints in Japan

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I was only 10 years old when I met Elisa in my first local Presbyterian church.

A few years after that, Elisa, who has Japanese background, decided to move to Japan and be a missionary. She has been in Japan over 20 years.

Last month I decided to find her email and contact her after more than 20 years. She got surprised and excited to hear about me, Johnna, Sophia and our plan to move to Japan as short-term missionaries.

Yesterday Elisa sent me a very interesting video-documentary. I am posting it on our blog today.

The video reminds me of basically two things:

1. Don Richardson in his book, “Eternity in Their Hearts” tells us how God has been revealing himself and reaching out to peoples and cultures and how our missionaries get surprised and amazed when they get to distant places on earth and realize that God has already been there without our “missiological” function and role.
2. How important is to keep cultures and habits when we spread the Gospel – the good news of Jesus without “westernizing” people on behalf of God by making them be like us and embrace our customs and traditions.

The video is worth watching.
May God bless you and help us to understand our role as followers of Jesus by seeing His beauty and fingerprints as we go to all the nations.


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