Rumors of a Another World, Beyond the Sling, Catching Fire

booksjohnnaI’ve been reading a few books lately and it’s so good to be back into reading again.

Rumors of a Another World – by Phillip Yancey
Yancey quotes so many different authors when he writes, I’m beginning to think he’s read just about every book ever written.  He has a way of combining science, literature, philosophy, biology and the mystery of Christ in just a few paragraphs.  His main point in this book seems to say that as we’ve become more and more reductionist over the years, we’ve lost part of the mystery in life.  We study everything, but we miss the big picture.  He’s essentially saying we lose the forest for the trees, and I can see truth in what he’s saying.  He reminds us that the sacred and secular were never meant to be separated, but that in Creation, everything is sacred.  Only about a third way in, I look forward to the next few chapters.

Beyond the Sling: A Real-Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting  Way – by Mayim Bialik
A parenting book about attachment parenting.  Being pregnant, I am getting to know about a whole conversation that is out there.  One that is controversial and heated.  I’m learning about the huge spectrum of birthing stories (from natural to medicated to C-sections) as well as the wide spectrum of child-rearing (from co-sleeping and on-demand feeding to highly structured families where a timer is set and the baby fits its schedule into the parents’).  When I read this book, there are moments I want to call it “childing” instead of parenting because it can seem so extreme in allowing the child to set the rhythm of the home.  But I am learning a lot about this style and it will only help Fabio and I find what will work best in our home.  I’ve got Baby Wise by my bedside, highly recommended by so many, and Baby Whisperer which I have yet to buy.

Catching Fire – by Suzanne Collins
Yep – you guessed it.  I have gotten myself into the Hunger Games craze.  I read the first book many months ago and will not see the movie.  I’m enjoying the second one just as much.  (Or even more because at the moment, it seems less stressful than the first).  I’ve been trying to figure out why I can’t do Harry Potter or Twilight or Left Behind or even Lord of the Rings, but I can do Hunger Games. I don’t have an answer except something about how the author understands the human heart captures me here.  I don’t like the violence, but because the Capitol is the enemy, and the tributes don’t really want to participate, it makes it somehow easier to handle.  I’m already curious what the third book will be like… and some very unrealistic part of me hopes for a complete ending of the Capitol, a revolution where the people get to be free once again.  Better get ready for bed so I can read before falling asleep…  🙂


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