I wish the world would collaborate more

Just thinking out loud… after posting something similar on a friend’s feed. And I’m not saying any country that is doing well right now might not have a second wave. COVID just has so many unknowns…
I’m not aware if there are any other countries besides the U.S. where the decision to wear a mask is seen as political. I’ve posted somewhere else on Facebook, but living in France, I’ve noticed that even though many French people complained, almost everyone wore one. And I’m grateful because it greatly improved the situation here. There were fines that were close to $150 if we were outside more than an hour during the two months of lockdown. I’m glad we took it seriously even though we didn’t know for sure what difference it would make. I’m grateful that some of you are talking about a global perspective because too often we Americans forget to learn from our counterparts. There could be so much collaboration happening! Several countries have succeeded in sending kids back to school (and opening up different sectors) without skyrocketing numbers. How did they do it? Just google the topic and insert Japan, Spain, Germany, France, Italy… so many questions I hear Americans asking about opening up and school in the fall have already been asked, deliberated for weeks and sometimes months, answered in various ways, and we can see the results and choose which ones we want to emulate.
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