Bridges – What kind of bridge are you?


Bridges connect sides of a way so one can get across.

Bridges provide a means to cross places otherwise impassable.

Draw bridges, toll bridges, covered bridges, rope bridges.

Some bridges are free and easy to cross.

Others are difficult and require some work.

People are like bridges: connecting sides, passing oneself over.

Some people are like draw bridges who pull themselves up and
don’t allow people to reach them.

Some are like covered bridges who hide the way to their heart.

Some people are toll bridges, requiring you to pay the price.

Some people are like rope bridges, difficult and dangerous to cross.

And some people are the free, open bridges, reaching out to others,
connecting hearts, providing a way across, giving firm support.

Everyone needs to have a free, open bridge,
for if you close your bridge,
you destroy that over which you must pass yourself.

by Sara Peterson Omre

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