Who Am I and What Happened to Johnna?

Maybe I’ve been married to a driver/8 on the enneagram for too long (8 years and counting!), but this year I’ve been thinking about goals more than ever AND I just signed up to this website/newsletter thing called Jesus Hacks (http://jesushacks.com/) and now I’m learning about having a vision or motto for myself.

Judah Cofer from Jesus Hacks writes:
“We all need a vision, a purpose, something that communicates to us where we are going and why we are going there. Something that’s bigger than us, something that comes from outside of us and is beyond us.”

Usually I’m more of a detail person, so all this big visionary stuff is so foreign to me! But I guess that’s just the stage I’m in right now – just two months away from my 42nd birthday. Let’s call it a mid-life broadening of sorts…

Cofer’s vision statement is:
“I exist to love, glorify, and enjoy God forever.”

And as of today, I’ve landed on mine to try it out and see what needs tweaking as time goes on:

“I was created to love Jesus (in heart and in action) with all of who I am and to love others (in heart and in action) as I love myself for the glory of God and the pursuit of God’s kingdom on earth.”
February 5, 2020

Life is short. I guess I figure if I’m not intentionally trying to live out what I believe, I might never reach the full potential of who I want to be. Now, I’ve gotta figure out how to lean into this vision and “wear it” – especially as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cross-cultural worker.

Something a little more “earthy” next time. This is where I am today.

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