French Immersion Experience

Spend 30 minutes or more in French immersion (with your community, a school, Sunday school class, youth group, neighborhood small group, etc). Feel free to show our video in our latest newsletter and then here are some other ideas to get you started! [One of our partner churches is currently giving their children a French immersion experience using these ideas and they are enjoying it!]

1) Recipe for yogurt cake (see attached picture from the time I made it with Sophia). The temperature for the oven is 180C, so about 350F. Please let me know if you have any questions! I made the plain version, but this one suggests some fun additions like raspberries and powdered sugar.

2) French game: Tomate, Tomate, Ketchup!

It’s just like duck, duck, goose! I found this clip. Start it at about 2 minutes and you’ll see some kids playing. They say “you go to the soup” when you’re caught and have to go to the middle.

3) Craft. This is what Sophia did in actual French kindergarten this fall! I found a similar art project on Pinterest. It’s based on work by the Ukranian-born French artist named Sonia Delaunay.

– craft?

Background on her (because I’m sure the school taught some of this as they taught her style of art):

4) Song.
Here’s a song I found that’s repetitive, so hopefully not too hard to learn. And you can make it shorter if needed.
It’s called, « Un éléphant qui se balançait » (an elephant that was swinging…)
You’ll see that one elephant was swinging on a spider’s web and had so much fun, another one came and joined.

And just for fun, here’s “what a beautiful name it is” in French.
It’s Sophia’s favorite worship song in English and it might be fun to play hillsong songs in French as kids come in since most are familiar. Just go to YouTube and type “hillsong en français” for more.

5) Video – Another reminder to use our video from our latest newsletter or reach out to us and we’ll send it to you. It’s an introduction to our neighborhood and Cultural Fusion, our project with Serve Globally in France.

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