Living in between

We are currently living in St Petersburg, Florida after spending two years in Japan. We have our eyes set on moving to Lyon, France in August 2018 to continue the work that we love – living as cross-cultural bridge-builders, creating and experiencing Cultural Fusion. But what about now? One adventure is behind us and another one awaits. What does that mean for the in between? Does living in the U.S. have to be boring or without purpose? Absolutely not!

 Though our schedules are quite different than when we are living abroad, we find ways to be purposeful while staying present to the current context. A church that supports us built up a home on their property so we could live in it. They furnished it, including children’s toys and beds, allowing us to come in and settle while we live in the in between. When we’re not speaking at or visiting another church, we just step out our front door and walk about 30 steps to the front door of the church to worship, celebrate, talk to old friends and new, let our kids play with other kids, and be accepted into a loving and warm community of multiple generations.

 We split our time between taking care of the kids and getting away to the church office or a cafe to work on our projects. Fabio, when not meeting with friends and/or partners, is concentrating on strengthening a few of his languages. Right now, he’s focusing on Italian, Japanese and French. Johnna is managing a few more of the household duties while focusing on reading books on leadership and having play dates or grabbing coffee with friends and/or partners.

 A large portion of our time in the States is looking ahead to the next trip to plan and prepare. We will be in Chicago at Midwinter ( January 21-26th, then International Falls, MN in the beginning of March, then Brazil for a few weeks before heading to New Mexico and Colorado.

 Life with two kids under five can be a bit unpredictable at times (snacks, spills, diaper changes, naps, meltdowns, etc), but all in all, we are getting by and even enjoying this season of little sleep and ever-changing routine! This is what the “in between” looks like for us… at least for this week.


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